Confirmation News

Confirmation Candidates

Alvarez, Julianna
Arroyo, Jose
Becerril, Angela
Carrazco, Hannah
Castellon, Emilio
Chaudoin, Dylan
Cruz, Andrew
DeLeon, Victor
Duran, Trinity
Estrada, Joseph
Gamino, Joel
Gaona, Adrian
Garcia, Isabelle
Garcia, Ivan
Gonzalez, Jen
Gutierrez, Margarita
Hernandez, Catherine
Hernandez, Ivi
Hidalgo, Jade
Jauregui, Vidal
Jones, Christina
Juarez, Julia
Lopez, Daisy
Miranda, Janaye
Pizarro, Kevin Josue
Roca, Dominic
Sanchez, Esmeralda
Santiago, Jocelyn
Sedano, Isaiah
Torres, Deja

Alvarado, Rocio
Cantu, Valerie
Figueroa, Breanna
Hernandez, Oscar




You send out Your Spirit to touch the hearts of all people, so that they may believe in You and in Jesus whom You sent. Look kindly on all candidates for Confirmation as they listen to Your voice. Open their hearts to Your Spirit and bring to fulfilment the good work that You have begun in them. As we prepare these children for Confirmation, make each of us an instrument of Your love. Teach us to appreciate what is holy in others, and to be patient with what we do not understand. Deepen our faith in the
Gospel and help us to pass it on by our example. We pray that You will continue to guide us and sustain us.
Through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Sacrament of Confirmation

Why is it so important?

• It is a celebration of our decision
to become active members of
God’s family.

• It is the affirmation of our commitment to follow Jesus.

• It strengthens our baptismal commitment, so we are able
to take on a mature responsibilities of a Christian.

How can I register my son/daughter?

Confirmation registration is now open for both 1st and
2nd year students. Please stop by the Pastoral Center to
pick up a registration form. Once the form is submitted
to the Pastoral Center, the Confirmation Coordinator will
call to set up a meeting. Fee payment is not required at
the time of the registration submission, that will be collected
at the time of the meeting.

For details or questions, please call the Parish Office.