Let's Pray for ALL SOULS

The Communion of Saints

Saint Gertrude Chaplet for RELEASE OF 50,000 SOULS

Pray for Holy SOULS In Purgatory -3 minutes


Litany for the Poor Souls in Purgatory


Scapular for All Souls

Blessed Sacrament for All Souls

Rosary for All Souls

Story about All Souls

Please read about the souls in Purgatory and realized that only us who are still on
earth can help these poor souls by prayers, sacrifices and the Holy Masses.
In return, they pray for us. Please take a look at this valuable book:

Some more information about Maria Simma, an Austrian young lady
who got visited by the souls since she was 25 years old. She died in 2004.
P.S.: According to Maria Simma, the souls of the aborted fetuses stay in Limbo.
We should pray and offer Masses for them, so their souls can go to Heaven.

A suffering soul in Purgatory to Sister M.



Jesus Mary Joseph,
I love You, save Souls.